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These camber plates are inspired by the Prodrive Group A and 97-99 WRC plates but with the added ability to add caster adjustment. The plates are thick 12mm aluminum, and are designed to be mounted on top of the strut tower on an included (and preferably welded) strut stiffener plate. They are held in with a stud ring that is pressed through the bottom of the strut tower. One large benefit of a top mounted plate is to negate the affect of the camber plate stack up. You allow for more additional suspension travel compared to a cad set to the same height on bottom mounted plates. The bearing housing is made of stainless and is designed to allow for bearing replacement. The rears function the same way but without the caster adjustment. Prices do not include shipping but I do not mark up shipping costs and will send anywhere. Prices are reflected in one of the pics.

WRC Style Camber Plates (preorder)

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