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Back by popular demand. These camber plates fit both the GD and GC (front), but the rears are model specific. The front mounting holes are set 15 degrees apart allowing you to dial in camber as well as caster. The plates are made out of 3/8” thick T6 aluminum, able to withstand abuses that normally bend/warp commonly available 1/4” plates. The bearing housings are made of 304 stainless and utilize either FK rod end bearings or Aurora bearings, selectable by the user. Both are rated for 37,000lb radial load, 7730lb axial load. The main nut can either be M14x1.25 or M12x1.25 (please check your particular setup but M12x1.25 is the standard). Deposit pre-order is $125, with the balance due when they are completed. Prices/options are in one of the pics.

Camber Plates

$625.00 Regular Price
$575.00Sale Price
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